I love Akai VIP 3.1 for managing and playing multiple VST instruments! Unfortunately my favorite instruments didn’t come with VIP. It was no small effort to create maps for thousands of instruments in my favorite VSTs, SampleTank 4 and Syntronik (non-deluxe edition).

The first one I have to share is Syntronik. You will need to unzip the (files) into your User Maps directory for Akai VIP to see it. Each Syntronik instrument will show up as an ‘Expansion’ for easy categorization.

I’m working on new content for 2020 – if you’d like the full AKAI VIP map for Syntronik AND/OR SampleTank 4 (MAX ST4 Instruments), please like my Facebook page for Rich Thomsen Music, below.

If you’re not ready to unlock the full file, you can sample 2 or 3 Syntronik instruments below:
Syntronik AKAI VIP Sample

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